Donnerstag, 31. Juli 2008

Windsurf Clinic at Fuerte...

Only one more day to go before we start our windsurf clinic at the Fanatic Funcenter at Costa Calma / Fuerteventura with more than 20 guests... we are really looking forward to the clinic... i will provide you with pictures and infos about the event.....

Dienstag, 29. Juli 2008

PWA Fuerte is over....

wow, that was some really impressive 5 freestyle days at fuerte with Marcilio Browne as winner and Gollito EStredo in second... some mindblowing moves and some great ladies freestyle too. Sara Quita has been crowned worldchampion and Yoli de Brendt did her first second place in a double elimination and almsot made it on the podium by finishing 4th overall.... the conditions were pretty windy and choppy, perfect for extreme Freestyle...

Montag, 21. Juli 2008

Pozo 2008 - My Video Clip of extreme competition..

Hola, i just uploaded my latest Video Clip of the 2008 Pozo PWA Grand Slam.... hope you´ll like it !!!

Sonntag, 20. Juli 2008

low wind.. time to post some fotos...

Strange situation, superstrong winds before the competition and with the first races of slalom the wind went down, but the forecast looks good... time for me to post some more pictures of the last PWA Worldcups in Pozo and Lanzarote.... plus Video...

Samstag, 19. Juli 2008

hairy day at sotavento...

since the wind refused to blow hard like the days before, the little bored worldcup guys came to charge for hair... o.k., short explanation... german rider andre paskowski bet at the lanzarote worldcup with marcilio browne that Germany would win the european championchips in football... if not, he would end up with a bold head... germany didn´t win and yesterday was time for the razor to get sharpened and used.... don´t look for the blond flying hair if you wanna find paskowski... :-)

Donnerstag, 17. Juli 2008

yes, it is Fuerte and not Pozo....

Pozo or Fuerteventura… I didn´t really know last night if i´ve already moved from windy gran canaria to costa calma. The wind kept me awake.. but a short look out of the window, seeing palmtrees and wide sandy beaches assured me that I am at Fuerteventura… and it is windy … already the last days i´ve been sailing with my 4,2 … stucked !!! If the wind stays, it could be a really interesting Freestyle Competition… most impressive so far : Gollito Estredo and Tonky Frans…. I will report on my website where I already wrote about the past PWA Worldcups at Lanzarote and in Pozo, including some Picture Galeries……..

Mittwoch, 16. Juli 2008

Our welcome at Sotavento... wiindy

Four o´clock wake up call, early morning ferry from gran canaria to Fuerteventura and here we are, back at the beautiful Island of Fuerteventura in Costa Calma. White sandy Beaches, super nice water colours, some would say that´s quite a contrast to Pozo, though I really do like Pozo as well but enjoy Fuerte… Fuerteventura… The Island of strong winds… yep, actually yesterday we went sailing and I can tell that the Island provides the whole variety of windspeeds… unluckily it was showed us at our sessions within 5 seconds…. I could say it was pretty gusty….. but it wasn´t the right weather neither for more constant winds…. Today is another day and we hope for a bit more constant session… will tell you tomorrow….

Fanatic Riders Andre, Chico and Gollito in Action at sotavento !!

Sonntag, 13. Juli 2008

Tripple Loop Ricardo Campello Video

The PWA Contest is over but still everybody is talking about Ricardo Campello´s Tripple Loop attempt in yesterday´s supersession.. here the video of Ricardo going for the Tripple...

Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2008

Hauling Pozo...

That was wiiindy today... I tried a bit with my 3,4 after the competition for today had been cancelled, and i was stucked.... Unluckily there were only a few Waveheats and a long long waiting period today.... but forecasts for tomorrow are sick.... even windier and more waves... and today more than 50 knots had been measured already !!!!

I keep you updated with my full reports and Fotos here :

Montag, 7. Juli 2008

Freestyle, Race and Wave in one day....

Ladies Freestyle in the morning, Full Fleet Race in Slalom at midday and Juniors Waveriding in the afternoon... impressive day in Pozo today... winners... Sara Quita..... Antoine Albeau and Philip Koester...

Samstag, 5. Juli 2008

He did it again !!!!

Antoine Albeau did it again and won both Races today in Pozo !! It was a long day waiting for the Judges Boats to get repaired and the wind was hauling, but it will so anyway in the next days..... so good enough and some more Wave, Freestyle and Slalom action will follow for sure.... The full Report and my Event Picture Galery here :

Pozo Worldcup 2008

Day one is over.. Waveriding in Pozo with the Top Heat between Victor Fernandez and 15 years old Philip Koester... in the end fernandez won and so also the Single Elimination in the Final against Dani Bruch... Daida Moreno won in women.... the whole report and picture galery i´ve uploaded on my website here :

Mittwoch, 2. Juli 2008

PWA Freestyle Lanzarote - my videoclip

We´re still sitting in windless Pozo, waiting for the next PWA Competition. Time for me to finish my Video Clip about the 2008 Lanzarote PWA Freestyle... I hope you´ll like it !!!!