Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2009

cold breeze in my face

Still I´m sitting in Germany, planning my Tour in 2010 and my Winter in El yaque, Venezuela. But to not sit in front of my Desktop 24 hours a day, I got back onto my Mountainbike and into my Running Shoes. A couple of hours per day at fresh air, getting energy back in my muscles and it feels great. Only the really fresh breeze, which yesterday seemed to blow into my face during the entire two and half hours Bikeride, could feel a bit better... It´s getting winter indeed and the change to 32 degrees with around 85% humidity next week will be pretty tough... But I´m sure I´ll love it. So long I try to enjoy the cold but sunny weather....

Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2009

living the german autumn...

Soon I´ll be leaving to warmer regions, but first I really enjoy the german autumn... the colourful nature, cold with blue skies and the first snow has also already fallen. For me that´s exactly the time when I like to be outside, running, biking, taking pictures... Even if I feel all my muscles after some long runs, but still it´s a very nice feeling and the air feels just fresh.... My last windsurfing Sessions on a small Lake close to my home has been really good as well, 5,0 full power with my 95 Freewave Board, just a little cold.. I´m not used to 12 degree Airtemperature and maybe also 12 degree Watertemperature Windsurfing anymore.... But once I got rid of the cramps in my arms and legs I could also enjoy that session...

Donnerstag, 8. Oktober 2009

temperatures up and down....

After some sailing sessions last week with really low temperatures, freezing cold winds and some hot drinks afterwards as warm up.. the temperatures went up and down during this week... after a nice bike ride yesterday still with shirt and shorts, today i´m sitting inside, wearing jacket and long trousers... still no gloves though :-)

I got some time to prepare the first Clinic Offer for 2010 !!

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