Montag, 19. Juli 2010

Fuerte Ventura - Island of strong winds

Once again I am back at the sandy Canary Island of Fuerteventura, or better Fuerte Ventura... the Island of strong winds which is more than just true these days, we´ve arrived two days ago and it is really WINDY.... the first sessions I started with some stomach Problems, maybe the heat weakened me too much to hold on my 4,2 for more than 2 minutes, but when I saw all the others with their tiny little 3,.... sails i felt better somehow, even if my body still hurt and I needed my bed pretty urgent..... Today it looks a bit better and hopefully i´m ready for the wind..... At least I got some work to do... on my TBNews website where you´ll find all info and news about the 2010 Fuerteventura Wolrdcups with lots of Fotos of course....

Freitag, 16. Juli 2010

New Products

Fanatic has just launched its new Range for 2011 including Windsurf Boards with the new Quad Waveboards, plus a nice range of Stand Up Paddle Boards, Surfboards and the Surfskates.... all at te brandnew Website

Donnerstag, 24. Juni 2010

FPC Lanzarote 2010

Between the 07th and the 12th of june we had our first Fanatic Pro Camp "Carve and Ride" at the Fanatic Boarders Center, Club Nathalie Simon at Costa Teguise, Lanzarote. A Spot with all different kind of conditions you can imagine, from Flatwater in the Bay to Choppy Water, swell and waves, all at one Spot, just great and so were the clients, which had come to improve their Jibes, learn Duckjibes, Jumps and Forward Loops. The week provided some perfect conditions and a no wind day for a really nice excursion over the Island of Lanzarote with its vinyards and volcanos and a big amount of great surf beaches especially in the north and north west of the Island. It has been another great week and the Event for 2011 is already planned and almost ready to be published...
See all images to the event at

Dienstag, 25. Mai 2010

Soma Bay Clinic 2010

Fanatic Pro Camp Soma Bay 2010

For the first time the Crew visited Soma Bay in Egypt for another Clinic of the Fanatic Pro Camps and surely it wasn´t the last one. A great week with lots of wind between 15 and 45 knots windspeeds, a very nice and super friendly Windsurf Center, beautiful watercolours combined with easy going water surface and airtemperatures of around 34 degrees. The Planet Windsurf Center in front of the Caribbean World Resort Hotel has been a very good choice for our six days clinic, where most participants had arrived to improve their jibing skills. The 2011 Soma Bay Event is already been planned and all dates will be online here at soon.... so far see the Fotos of the Event at the Foto part...

Donnerstag, 6. Mai 2010

Marocco and cold cold Germany

Just back from Morocco. Back from the Wave Special at Moulay we just held at the Fanatic Boarderscenter at this great Wave Spot in Morocco. A week with great Windsurf Conditions and lots of very nice people, I really enjoyed this Clinic and was super happy that all participants, which came from all over Europe, improved so much during this week. Now I´m sitting in cold and rainy Germany, trying not to get too sick..... but at least i´ll leave soon again, this time egypt.... it should be a bit warmer there

Dienstag, 20. April 2010

the little delay.....

and it came a little different than i thought, actually a lot different.... One week of waiting might be over as I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, with the ash clowd hopefully disappearing from the Iceland Volcano, which has stopped the entire Air Traffic over europe and caused a worldwide travel chaos. Also many of my friends and colleagues had to spend a couple of nights at various airports before airlines started slowly to fly some routes yesterday and today.... it seems that from thursday on the normal flightplans might be possible and so I also could finally leave Margarita to Europe and for my next Windsurflabor Clinics..... In the end it was all good, i missed some important dates in Europe but I am looking forward to maybe at least be at the next ones.... fingers crossed......

Samstag, 17. April 2010

mother nature is stronger than my wish to fly....

Yes, also i am one of the hundred thousands passengers waiting to get his flight. but at least i am stucked "home" while i am waiting and checking the web news to follow the ash clowd news and in the end to see that all Airports remain closed and possibly for longer than expected.... Hopefully the nice westwinds, which we just love once we are at the north sea for windsurfing, will help to push the huge clowd a bit faster easterly and away from central europe to finally get on that plane.... especially for those who are waiting at the airports, for days, while their families or friends are waiting .... Now we can see if we start gambling with the nature, we will possibly always loose. Now, sitting at El Yaque Beach, watching the clowds and the rain coming closer, at least I get some days to relax, since there is really no way to change the actual situation.....

Mittwoch, 14. April 2010

Summer has come

The summer has come !! which seems to look very nice actually isn´t the best notice for the Caribbean Wind addicts. After a windy, a very windy Winter in El Yaque, which has started already last autumn and hasn´t stopped since, the summer weather might have arrived over early as well. From one day to the next the wind has gone and hot and humid weather took over, hard rainfalls started at the Venezuelan Mainland and at many latin american countries... The right time for me to leave, with my next Clinic in Morocco and Egypt coming soon... For the Wave Special in Morocco we are already fully booked, which is just great but for the Soma Bay Clinic in May there are still places available..... just check at for all info or contact me right away.....

Samstag, 3. April 2010

back to blog......

It´s been almost a month now without blogging.... no holidays or failing internet connections are to blame for, only work kept me away from writing about life, wind, travel or fotos.... it have been pretty intense weeks ultimately but actually that was what i have been searching for..... plus it has been windy, very very windy in el yaque which brought me on the water with my smallest windsurfgear which I really like.... inbetween some early morning foto sessions, lots of typing on my PC and editing video..... plus some publicity for my Windsurf Clinics, which work out really well with the Fanatic Boarderscenter and the Morocco Event is already fully booked and Lanzarote almost..... (see Now, during Semana Santa, which is THE Party week of the year in El Yaque i am more focused on reporting about everything at El Yaque News before going back to "normal" work. of course you can always see the latest images and whatever you like to see on this site..... while i am working on my new personal site, which will come out soon with new images, videos, reports etc......... but since i´m back to blog i´ll keep you updated, promised....

Freitag, 5. März 2010

Back from Colombia

Five nice days in Colombia together with Gollito Estredo and Diony Guadagnino are behind me, with a stopover at Bogota Airport, which was a pretty freezing experience, didn´t know the City is located 2600 metres above see level.... further on to the City of Baranquilla and the Windsurf Spot of Puerto Velero, a huge Flatwater Lagoon on one side and a Wavespot on the Seaside.... very very nice place for the Sport !!! It was a very good experience, also being surrounded by very nice and kind people....

Sonntag, 21. Februar 2010

Another exhausted Windsurfer

It´s always a good sign when you are tired from Windsurfing at night and surely it is a great feeling, which we lived many many times during this Season in El Yaque, in which it just keeps on blowing every single day. I derigged my Sails bigger than 5,0 already weeks ago, just no need to get them dusty in the racks. The choice I have to take now almost every day is 4,5 or 4,2 and the 5,0 on the so called non windy days.... only ultimately the choice became more, windsurf or rest ?? after weeks of daily windsurfing and training, my body just needs a rest and sometimes i even stand at the beach, watching the whitecaps but just don´t want to go on the water because i already feel every single muscle and bone of my body.... Which is great and surely i do prefer that than waiting for wind..... and soon i´ll be back on the water, maybe today ?? my body will tell me once i´m at the beach...

so long i work on the new online newspaper

Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2010

Fanatic Pro Camp El Yaque 2010

Fanatic Pro Camp 2010

El Yaque 03. – 08.02.2010

For the 8th time the organized a Windsurf Clinic a tone of worlds Freestyle and Slalom Top Spots, in El Yaque at the Island of Margarita in Venezuela. Not only Cooperation Partner Planet Allsports helped by providing their Windsurf Centers and brandnew Fanatic and North Sails equipment, also the Restaurants Atti, Oasis, Fuerza 6 and Da Rocco, who served some delicious dinners for the group, the students, who arrived from the United States, Germany, Switzerland and Poland and throughout the entire week showed an immense Motivation to improve their Windsurfskills and last but not least, the windgods, which made the wind blow every single day for the 4,7 and 4,2 sails, to make this Fanatic Pro Camp 2010 a great and successful Event. The Jibe group and the Freestyle group got 4 – 5 hours of sailing each day including the tuiton and the students took their chances to improve their Jibes and Stance and to learn and understand the Forward Loop, Airjibes and Flakas, good themes to talk about at the daily Happy Hour and the following Dinner. The Event finished the 08th of February at the Planet Allsports Center, where the Sun and Fun Sportsclub organized a happy hour followed by the Event Video Clip and the 4 Dimension Movie presentation.

Event Images here ...>>>

Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2010

The start

I can´t believe I got already 3 months in El Yaque again, time seems to fly, maybe with the extremely hard winds we are just living this winter... juts each day it´s windy. Perfect for our first Clinic of the year which starts today at the Planet Allsport Centers. Sun, wind, beach, nice students, happy hours and nice dinners, yes it will be a very good week for all of us...

Dienstag, 19. Januar 2010

what´s the reason....

An the past two years El Yaque, my winter home, lived some pretty strange years, with lots of rain, rare winds and some boring days.... this year it seems like this would never have happened and the normal El Yaque, like I knew it before is back. Caribbean colours each day, windy and even more windy and not only in El Yaque, also our secret Spots on Macanao, the desert part of the Island or at the Porlamar City Beach it has been windy and wavy quite often... this year I would really say, good to be back in el yaque... what´s the reason fo the changes... does somebody know ?? For me it´s just great and surely also for my clients, coming to our first Fanatic Pro Camp in 2010 between the 03rd and 08th of February.

You can also check for El Yaque News in 1498 El YaqueNews the online newspaper for El Yaque

Freitag, 8. Januar 2010

A week in 2010

The first week in 2010 is over and actually, like always, nothing has really changed. Ok, we had the first two rainy days in the entire season, I got ill for two days, which didn´t happen in 2009, but the beach is still the same, the wind still blows, the christmas crowds are still at the beach, drinking tons of alcohol and trying to make the el yaque restaurants rich. Luckily for me the year has started with a lot of work and that surely is nothing bad.... and yesterday I had my first sail in 2010... Actually it was pretty good with my Freewave 95 and the ICE 4,7, only that my body still didn´t want like my brain did after two days in bed.... and what´s up in 2010, many new Destinations and Events, finally realising some image ideas for my Photography work and keep on pushing my new news website 1498 El Yaque News .
I still wish you also all the best for 2010 !!

Montag, 4. Januar 2010

Windy El Yaque Pro Camp

Only one month to go !! The first Fanatic Pro Camp and very windy El Yaque 2010 from febr. 03rd until 08th... don´t miss your chance to improve your windsurfing skills !!!

Windy El Yaque Pro Camp

Only one month to go !! The first Fanatic Pro Camp and very windy El Yaque 2010 from febr. 03rd until 08th... don´t miss your chance to improve your windsurfing skills !!!