Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2009

Already two days of PWA Freestyle over.....

Already two days and one Double Elimination at the 2009 PWA Freestyle at Fuerteventura are over. It has been pretty windy, most used sails have been the 3,3 and 3,4 from the girls and the guys the 3,7 and 4,0... So two days of high wind and Flatwater Freestyle and Gollito Estredo still dominating the Tour by also winning here so far with some great performances, but also Tonky Frans, Marcilio Browne and Steven van Broekhoven had really really impressive Heats. Actually the Level is so high that two Heats had to be resailed because of ties..... That shows how close all Sailors have come together with their performances. Sara Quita Offringa is still sailing in another Freestyle ladies universe. But also the Moreno Twins seem to have practised some Freestyle in secret. Both Daida and Iballa are sailing brilliant. Only Yoli de Brendt and Nayra Alonso managed to get between the sisters. Today the wind unluckily became pretty shaky around midday and dropped completely, before a very gusty wind version came back in the late afternoon exactly for the remaining Finals. Gollito Estredo 1st, Tonky Frans 2nd and Marcilio Browne 3rd are the men results. Sara Quita Offringa 1st, Daida Moreno 2nd and Yoli de Brendt 3rd te Ladies Top Ranks.... you can also check everything at

Montag, 27. Juli 2009

Best Slalom ever and start of Freestyle

Pretty depressed I went home at midday yesterday, having broken my windsurf and Foto gear..... But since I just can´t leave the Windsurfing, immediately I started the Live Ticker of the PWA Worldtour Website to check if the wind might improve... It looked that the Salom course was changed and the wind indeed picked up. ok, I packed my stuff again and already on my way on the dirtroad down to Sotavento it was pretty hard to keep the car under control. The wind was hauling, sand flying over the road and far out to sea. When I arrived at the Beach I couldn´t believe the Slalom Action, with the start reach of the Race right in front of the Spectators with 40 knots plus, the guys were speeding over the flying water, massive crashes, great Jibes and unbelievable Speed, right in front of thousand pairs of eyes and speaker Roberto Hofmann responsable for the right atmosphere... It was one of the most exciting Slalom Races ever, that´s for sure. Today will be some more Races before the Freestyle will start tomorrow morning with the first Heats. Could be very interesting in those wind conditions. Unluckily there are already some injured Sailors before the Contest. Antxon Otaegui broke his foot, Anthony Ruenes ripped his ligaments, Phil Soltysiak with some stitches over his eye and some more twisted ankles and thumbs. Yes, it´s really hard for Freestyle at the moment..... I will report daily with actual images at

Sonntag, 26. Juli 2009

ups and downs at Fuerte today.....

What a day today at Fuerteventura, same as the wind, shifting up and down, offshore to onshore, zero to fullpower, I felt almost the same, having some nice pictures on my Card today, just before my last camera brakes down. Great, even cleaning my gear every single day, protecting it from sand and water, the electronic didn´t want to survive very long. After loosing my newest Cam just short while ago that way, today my last toy and tool accompanied its newer brother.... and all just one day before the start of the PWA Freestyle.... very very bad timing...... at least i´ll have a good time on the water, at least that´s what I thought... once on the water with my too small waveboard (my Freestyler just broke too ) I felt why all Slaom Heats had been cancelled before. It was almost impossible to sail a single run with steady pressure in the Sail and to go for a controlled move. Let´s see if it´s getting any better tonight to bring my mood up a little.... Would need it for sure....

Anyway I´ll keep on reporting from the 2009 Fuerte Worldcup here :

Donnerstag, 23. Juli 2009

New DVD coming out....

While I am sitting at Fuerte, watching the Slalom Guys flying around their circuit full speed, carl nyberg also edited with high speed at the new Fanatic "Addicted to Ride" DVD.... watch the Trailer at

Fanatic proudly presents our new DVD 2010: Addicted to Ride 5!

In the 5th edition of our successful Fanatic Addicted to Ride series, we visit some well-known windsurfing paradises like Maui, El Yaque, Chile and South Africa – and many more! Starring the Fanatic International Windsurfing team, including 2007 & 2008 PWA Wave Vice World Champion Victor Fernandez, 2006 & 2008 PWA Freestyle Champ Gollito Estredo and 2008 PWA Freestyle Vice Champ Marcilio Browne, you’ll see all the latest wave, and freestyle power moves!
There are also several sub menus where Fanatic Shaper Sebastian Wenzel and Brand Manager Craig Gertenbach present our 2010 board range, plus extras such as spot clips from Club Mistral and Fanatic The Boarder’s Center, and special goodies such as 2010 brochure downloads and a selection of the best snaps from our photo shoot.

Montag, 20. Juli 2009

Offshore winds and Freestyle hassle....

Pretty strong and offshore wind today at Fuerte, good for Freestyle for the first time at our stay since the water was really flat. Only after the Kite Competition ended for today it became a little dangerous when all the PWA Freestylers who had arrived today and yesterday at Sotavento went out together and started to jump like crazy... I don´t know how no crashes happened, it was just soo close a couple of times.... two more days of Kite before the Windsurf Slalom starts at the 2009 Fuerteventura worldcup, followed by the Freestylers....

you can see all images and reports here : PWA Fuerteventura 2009 (and Training days)

Samstag, 18. Juli 2009

Eating sand under the rain at Fuerte

What a day yesterday. Massive black clowds, some rain and flying water and sand, so we had a hard but good time on the water in Sotavento, it was just impossible to not eat sand at the beach. With gusts of 35 - 45 knots the wind hammered along the coast, tough for Freestyle but nice to just sail and jump around at the Skatepark Sotavento. Today is start of the Kite Worldcup and for sure most of the PWA Sailors will come over from Gran Canaria today to get prepared for their Worldcup starting the 22nd of this month. All reports and images here

Donnerstag, 16. Juli 2009

hauling canaries

Now it´s already eleven days that we are at Fuerte and it´s still hauling, actually picking up again. Even if the wind has been very very rough and the water for sure not the easiest, today we got a good day and finally we managed to reall do some moves and less crashes.... hopefully it goes on like that, would be very hard for all to perform high class Freestyle Moves during the PWA Worldcup which starts the 27th of July (reports and images you can already see PWA Fuerteventura ) The forecast for the next days is even more wind and some nice Swell. The Kiteboarding Worldcup will start in two days, so pretty tough for the Kite guys and girls too.....

Dienstag, 14. Juli 2009

Fuerteventura Images now....

While the Slalom and Wave guys and girls are ripping Pozo at te moment, we are sitting at the neighbour Island and next PWA Stopp, Fuerteventura. Good time for sailing and to take some images of the Island and the already arrived PWA Freestylers..... A small galery is already online

Montag, 13. Juli 2009

PWA Lanzarote Images online now....

After some days at Fuerteventura I finally got the time to upload the 2009 PWA Lanzarote Image Galery to my Foto Website, I hope you like it....

Samstag, 11. Juli 2009

difficult fuerteventura

While the guys are ripping it up at the 2009 Pozo Worldcup, I went straight to Fuerteventura this year without the usual Gran Canaria Stoppover and I am fighting with the Flat Choppy water at Sotavento to at least do some Moves per day.... At least the PWA Competitors who have already arrived for the their Training are not crashing much less than I do.... Again the Spot shows why it´s a real hardcore Freestyle Spot, only the best can really perform their high standard Moves. It´ll be exciting again between the 27th of july and the 01st of august. I will report again of course at

Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2009

wind and small waves at Fuerte

I just arrived at Fuerte after the PWA Worldcup at Lanzarote a couple of days ago and today was my second day on the water, pretty gusty but ok and some small waves to ride every now and than, but for Freestyle it´s gonna be pretty hard again, but for sure it´ll also work...

Montag, 6. Juli 2009

PWA Lanzarote is over.....

It has been an epic Contest, the 2009 PWA Freestyle Worldcup at Costa Teguise - Lanzarote. Windspeeds around 40 knots and partly over Masthigh Waves, perfect for radical and extreme Freestyle. Gollito Estredo won the Event in fron of Kiri Thode, Antxon Otaegui and Marcilio Browne. Sara Quita dominated the women Contest and won in front of Junko Nagoshi..... You can see the whole reports in

where you also find the Foto Galery to the Event

Mittwoch, 1. Juli 2009

PWA Freestyle Lanzarote online now...

It has begun !! The PWA Freestyle Worldcup at Lanzarote just started.. keep updated and follow the reports here

PWA Lanzarote Reports

And the Galery to the Event PWA Lanzarote Fotos