Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2009

Margarita Wavedays

A big storm in the northern atlantic ocean just send us a nice Swell to the Island of Margarita. One day at the North Shore, at Playa Taguantar and Puerto Cruz and two days Windsurfing in El Yaque with waves I can´t remember to have had here at this Flatwater Freestyle Spot before. I don´t know how many hours I´ve spent on the water the past three days, but enough to get very few sleep since I had to do my work the remaining hours of the day.. but it was truly worth it...

I wish you all a very nice and happy new year 2010 !!!!!

Donnerstag, 24. Dezember 2009

Christmas under Palmtrees

First of all I´d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas !! and that you might enjoy those days, if you don´t like Christmas, I wish you that you´ll find your place to hide and have fun. For me that place will be on the water, even if my body starts to strike sometimes after windsurfing every single day In the past weeks, I will enjoy my Christmas Session, that´s for sure !! Hopefully I´ll get some time to rest as well after a couple of 16 – 18 hours working days, which only have been interfered by my windsurfing, which was very helpful to clear my mind, I´ll try to enjoy the Beach those days.

Also Merry Christmas from our Windsurflabor - The Fanatic Pro Camps Crew and as Christmas present the Windsurflabor offers a 10 % Discount on all 2010 Clinics !!!!

Mittwoch, 16. Dezember 2009

All about stats ??

No, I´m no nerd, sitting hours and hours in front of my desktop, checking statistics and dates, but this year it is just fun to follow my windstatistics in El Yaque. It´s 41 days now that I´m already back in the Caribbean, only two days I haven´t sailed, half of the 39 windy days I was sailing my 5,0 Ice and even sometimes my new Newwave 76. That´s fun, I still can´t believe how taht season started, unluckily it is still very very quiet in the Village. With less flights between europe and the Island of Margarita it seems to be hard to get here... On the water of course is just fun sharing teh entire bay with maybe 8 - 9 other Windsurfers... To keep myself off the water and give my body a little rest, I just created the new El Yaque online platform 1498 el yaque news.... which should provide you all with all Info you can imagine about El Yaque, the Island of Margarita and the Wind and Kitesurf world....

Mittwoch, 9. Dezember 2009


1498 - El Yaque News

Online Magazine

With the 1498 El Yaque News, the first El Yaque Online Newspaper is now online

Besides daily News of the Windsport Village in the south of the Caribbean Island of Margarita, Island News and News of the international Windsport world will be provided

Additional 1498 El Yaque News contains

· Island Infos

· Actual weather data and statistics

· Webcam

· Actual Swell reports and statistics

· El Yaque / Island of Margarita Map

· Accomodation in El Yaque

· Windsurf and Kitesurf Rental and School in El Yaque

· El Yaque People

· Lifestyle

· Foto Galeries

· Images of the week

· El Yaque Stars (Portraits and Interviews)

· Events in El Yaque and on the Island

· Monthly El Yaque Reports including the newest Images

· And much more…..

Sonntag, 6. Dezember 2009

sunday windy sunday.....

Sunday, a real day of sun today. Sunday also means the "domingeros" like the Sunday local people are called, invade the Beaches with their huge freezers and tons of alcohol to enjoy their day. For us it just means a bigger crowd to watch some nice Windsurf Action. Even if the wind has been a bit shaky it was well enough for the 5,4 Duke and the 95 liter Freewave and some new freestyle moves. Though the people seemed to be more intersted in their Freezers, but it´s nice to see some of them their first Windsurfing experiences... Now we´re looking forward to another windy week before we say Bienvenidos Domingeros again...

Samstag, 5. Dezember 2009

wellknown faces are back....

After a month back at home in Playa El Yaque, many many windy days, little sunburns, quite some work and tons of paperwork I started wondering what might have happened to all the wellknown faces in El Yaque, the people who came here for many years, over and over again. I had no answer but i knew it is too quiet indeed in the small Fisher Village, at least until I had to go to the Airport yesterday and saw many of those faces also arriving, very nice i thought and good to see that after one, two not so good years people still trust in their winterplace and they are right, after all the work which has been done that Windsurfer Paradise just deserved another chnace and is on a very good way now. In Venezuela it just takes a little longer sometimes, but better late than never...
I´m feeling good again in El Yaque, at the Beach and on the water, and there I´ve been much more than expected at this time of the year. The wind blows and blows and I finally got the chance to train some more Freestyle and catch one or the other Move...... Feels really good and brings Motivation back into my bones, brain and muscles....