Sonntag, 27. September 2009

sun, cold, worldcup and elections.....

It might be the last really sunny day for a while in Germany, which might be good for the actual PWA Worldcup at Sylt, where the wind for a Wave and Freestyle spectacle uses to arrive with the bad weather and mostly with much lower airtemperatures. But since the Worldcup goes on for another seven days, it´s good to enjoy the sun and fresh air once again. Most people are already on the streets for the big elections in Germany today, the event which rules Germany today... But still I´m sitting in front of my screen checking the PWA Live Ticker to see if something happens at Sylt.... It is the last Worldcup Event of the year and the Wave and Freestyle Worldchampions will be crowned there... In Slalom everything is clear with Antoine Albeau as Worldchampion and the rest only fighting for the remaining places on the podium....... I remember last years Hardcore Action with a huge storm passing through, providing massive Waves and 50 knots wind and some semifinals and finals for the Windsurfing history book... Let´s see what´s gonna happen there this year....

Sonntag, 20. September 2009

going Borussia...

For one week I´m sitting in Germany now, after seven days, sitting in front of my screen, typing thousands of words and letters, watching the rain through the windows, finally the sun came back and i decided to use the day to finally go again for a Football match of my home club Borussia Mönchengladbach and his new Star, venezuelan Juan Arango.... Unluckily I had to keep my Tele lens for my Camera outside and wasn´t able to provide you with some Images... I felt even more unlucky when Arango shot the first goal right in front of my eyes.... The atmosphere in the new Borussia Park Stadium was great and of course even better after the 2 - 0 .... But at this time there were still 60 Minutes to go... enough for the opponent of Hoffenheim to score 4 goals and take victory... anyway it´s been a very good day.... let´s see when I get the next chance to watch a game in Borussia Park

Mittwoch, 9. September 2009

Kos Beach office

After one week of coaching at the BIG BLUE Windsurf Center, a Fanatic Boarderscenter now I got one day to pack and relax and check the web at the very nice Beach Office, sitting in front of the Surfers Bar not even 10 metres from the Sea. Nice !!
The past week has been even nicer, to our very multicultural Windsurflabor Clinic Improve & Move people came from Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Israel and the US, and we really had a very great time together on the water and off the water at some very nice dinners in the Hotel Oceanis Restaurants and the Turkish Village close to KOS City.

All Info and Images to event I just uploaded to the website

Dienstag, 1. September 2009

Windsurf Clinic KOS

The 2009 Improve and Move Event at the beautiful Island of KOS in Greece is about to start. At a perfect training Location with a great Center with the BIG BLUE Surf Center and newest Fanatic and North Gear, we will have a great week with lots of fun and good training, video and foto sessions for sure.....