Montag, 30. Juni 2008

Event is over and we´ve moved to Pozo...

With a hot Kalima day at Lanzarote the PWA Event ended. Gollito and Sara Quita won with Kiri Thode and Laure Treboux in teh second Places. Yesterday we arrived in Pozo, still with no wind and Kalima. We just dropped our Bags to watch the Final of the European Championchips in Football in the "Viento" Bar, together with whole Pozo I guess and the spanish went crazy... of course !!!

I also just uploaded the last images of the Lanzarote Worldcup :

Freitag, 27. Juni 2008

One more day to go...

Exciting day for the riders, a third double elimination has started which means a dischard for each rider, which could mix up the whole ranking.. only gollito estredo can be a bit more relaxed, having won also the third single elimination and his hardest opponent Brawzinho will have a hard walk up the ladder in the loosersround. Estredo´s friend and also Abo finalist Kiri Thode could still get on first place with estredo, if he could win this double elimination. sara Quita has already won the women fleet. Congratulations !!!!

Donnerstag, 26. Juni 2008

Estredo and Quita in solid lead now...

It was a hot and quiet day at the Costa Teguise Worldcup today, the Competition started with less wind than in the past days, but teh end was the same, Gollito Estredo won the final against Kiri Thode and Sara Quita against Laure Treboux. Estredo and Quita are leading the Event Ranking now and before the next Elimination starting tomorrow. Former number two Marcilio Browne lost two places today by finishing seventh. You can always see the full reports and Picture Galeries in

Mittwoch, 25. Juni 2008

PWA Lanzarote Day 3

After yesterday´s exciting Double Elimination, with big Waves and great Action... today we started the day freezing, with clowdy skies and almost no winds.... at around two the wind kicked in for the next Single Elimination... For me pretty interesting how Yoli would do today and if Gollito could get the first Place from Brawzinho... thanx to his skills and help from Andre Paskowski, who won against Brawzinho, he did... Only Yoli lost with her Shaka, Eslider, Spock and more Switch Moves against Laure Treboux Spock attack.... and than it was time to get her back on her legs, when she doesn´t even win doing her better moves... maybe next time... competition life is hard and Laure advanced to second Place, which made us feel happy for her !!!

Dienstag, 24. Juni 2008

PWA impressive Training Video

PWA Costa Teguise... the impressive Training !!!!

PWA Lanzarote second day

Freestyle at Costa Teguise, or maybe Waveriding, I didn´t really know if i came to the right Spot this morning, the morning of day number two at the 2008 Costa Teguise Freestyle Worldcup. Three to Four metre Waves were rolling in, only the Wind wasn´t constant enough for official Racing. After postponing the first Heat for one and a half hours, the Action could begin. The first guys using the massive ramps were british Sailor Andy Chambers with high Shakas and Antxon Otaegui with a nice double Loop. But the Jump Masters were still to come, after Tonky Frans went up the Ladder against Andre Paskowski, Normen Günzlein and than lost against Kiri, the Level rose equally to the excitement of all Sailors and Spectators. Kiri´s next Heat after beating Tonky was once again against Gollito Estredo. Kiri went for a Burner Heat, four of his 6 maximum Moves was that switch stance backwinded Goiter, while Estredo jumped a massive Pushloop, a super high Shaka, Switch Shaka, Puneta into one hand Burner, shove It Spock and than the..... tripple Spock !!! Sure Estredo adavanced into the next round against friend Ricardo Campello, who started his Heat agaisnt Estredo with a perfect Future and Double Loop. Estredo needed some time to recover but than stroke back with a Pushloop Table Top, Shaka, Switch Loop, Puneta Burner and the Shove It Double Spock and again Estredo advanced and had to face actual Worldchampion Marcilio Browne. Browne sailed a really smart Heat, with high Level Moves like Airflaka Cana Brava, Future and a planning one hand Burner, while Estredo struggled on his way out and couldn´t find the Ramps he was searching for. The Judges needed their time after this Heat, more than usual and the decision was really tight, for...... Browne.

Japanese Junko Nagoshi was on fire in the women double Elimination. First she eliminated Yoli de Brendt, who just couldn´t perform like she did yesterday, than Silvia Alba but than lost against Freestyle Expert Laure Treboux. The Swiss Treboux prooved her skills once again and with her Spocks, Grubbies, Flaka and Punetas she sent both Moreno sisters back to the Beach, before she came against Freestyle Wizzard Sara Quita from Aruba. After the decision in the men Final has been really close, the result after the women Final was more than clear. Treboux with her full repertoire plus Shove It Spock couldn´t do nothing against Quita´s Shaka, Flaka Diablo, Spocks, Grubby Diablo, Puneta Diablo, Switch Chachoo, Funnel. Maybe Quita should try it next year in the men Competition. I´m pretty sure she would kick some asses there.

Montag, 23. Juni 2008

Lanzarote Freestyle Worldcup Day 1

PWA Freestyle part 2, after the Austria Event this is the second Freestyle only Event in 2008, at Costa Teguise at the Canary Island of Lanzarote. After having seen the Training of the guys and girls in the past days, I became pretty courious of how the Competition would be. The favourites after Training were Kiri Thode, Tonky Frans and Gollito Estredo and at the girls fleet I really couldn´t tell what would happen, all girls raised the Level and since only eight girls inscibed for the Event, and only the Top eight, so the Creme de la Creme of Freestyle, would make this Event also for the girls really close.

After the Insciptions around midday, the PWA waisted no time, the seeding was made quickly and the Competition started two hours after the Inscriptions. The first Sailor who managed to impresse Spectators and Judges was german Norman Günzlein, with Burner, Spock into Culo and much more.. Also the next German Andre Paskowski impressed with solid Heats and even won against one of the favourites, Taty Frans, but was than stopped by Teammate, friend and Top Favourite for the 2008 Title, Gollito Estredo. Two Sailors sailed really smart and used the new Freestyle judging format perfectly, Marcilio Browne and Ricardo Campello, which both sailed their way into the semifinal, where they met Gollito Estredo and Kiri Thode. Thode performed hsi best Moves after he had reached his maximum Moves of the Heat already and so lost against Browne, while Estredo had one of his worst Heats of the last two years and gave his ticket into the final to Campello. The Final was packed was worth to be called a worldcup Final. Huge Backloops, lots of Double and Cana Brava Tricks and with Marcilio Browne as winner. But the Final could still not reach the Level of the small Final between Estredo and Thode. Burner, Burner Diablos, Switch Shaka, Switch Goiter, Airfunnels, Puneta into Burner, Spock into Culo, Kono Flips and much more were just performed in perfection. The Judges decided to give third Place to Estredo.

The first women Heat of the day showed already the way of women Freestyle. Yoli de Brendt against Sara Quita. For Yoli her Shakas, Flakas Punetas etc. were just not enough against huge Shaka, Funnel, Punetas, Kono, Eslider540 from Sara Quita. The young Quita from Aruba seemed to be warmed up after the Heat against de Brendt, and with Moves like Gozadas, Switch Flakas, Flaka Diablos, double Flakas, Shaka and Esliders she sailed her way straight onto first Place, with Daida Moreno in second. A little disappointed was Laure Treboux, who just did not quite manage to perform like she did in the last days. But I guess that Treboux and de Brendt will make their way up, with more than excelent women Freestyle

Foto Galeries here :

Sonntag, 22. Juni 2008

My personal Event Preview

Back at Costa Teguise at Lanzarote Island for another PWA Worldcup, this time Freestyle only. After some days of Training and Setup at the Playa Las Cucharas one thing is for sure, only the best Freestylers will be here to battle it out, men and women. It will be a small Fleet for the women, only eight will be there to fight for the Title, and the Level got impressingly high. 28 men will start, and though the Level between all Competitors is really close and super high, there are a couple of Sailors impressing much more than the rest. Bonaire wizzards Tonky Frans and Kiri Thode same as Tour Leader Gollito Estredo, pure Power Freestyle and incredible Moves will assure a Hardcore Freestyle Competition. Also all girls showed already in their first Training Sessions that it will be really worth watching their Heats in the next days. Power Shove It spocks, Shakas, Double Moves, Switch Moves.... Seems like the Ladies trained hard this winter, though some had to work hard to make the Trips to the Competitions possible. Today also the rest of the Competitors should arrive at Costa Teguise and it might get crowded on the water, but perfect for the Spectators to get their first Impressions of what will happen in the next days....

Hopefully some Tourists will find their short way to the tribunes, which are located really close in front of their Hotels, It would be worth it and with teh actual weather forecast, the Show will be on a 100 percent.... Guys from more different Countries than ever before will be on Canarian waters to show their Skills. Riders arrived from Brasil, Venezuela, Bonaire, United States, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Spain, Japan and China

Freitag, 20. Juni 2008

Lanzarote, Costa Teguise Worldcup

We´ve just arrived at Costa Teguise at Lanzarote Island... with wind for the 4,7 already at day one and seems like the wind will still pick up, right for the competition... also the Frans Brothers, Kiri Thode and Laure Treboux have arrived already.. so we´re looking forward to another nice session today !! i will provide you with all news, daily updated and pictures at my website and at this BLOG

Dienstag, 17. Juni 2008

Tarifa Resume...

Our last day in Tarifa, usually we always stay a bit longer than thought... this time it was totally different in the south of Spain... we came here to train after a hard season in El Yaque, with lots of work and little time on the water... unluckily Tarifa showed us his worst face this time and provided us with very little wind... some Poniente days, barely enough for the 5,4 or 5,0... and two or three Levante days for the 4,7 and 4,2... Usually we try to use teh whole variety of Spots along Tarifa´s coast, but this time we went almost every day to the Spin Out Center and Tangana Bar... since there teh possibility of some windy hours with the termical winds are a bit higher than at all places and indeed, we would have missed even more hours on the water without visiting this Spot. Now we´re mentally well prepared for the Canary Islands, first Lanzarote, continued by Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura... phisically we could have been prepared much better for sure... with a normal Tarifa and lots of Levante.... next time !!!!!

Montag, 16. Juni 2008

Goodbye Tarifa....

Goodbye Tarifa, until Septembre... hopefully, or better, pretty sure, with more wind than this time... with a little luck we´ll get some poniente at our last day... we´re leaving to lanzarote. so soon you´ll get news and pictures from there, also the worldcup reports at

Sonntag, 15. Juni 2008

Wind alternatives....

Since there is still no wind here in Tarifa, we are searching for alternatives.... and since there are now waves neither, surfing is not such an alternative.... so we decided to film a lot to provide a new Video from here pretty soon.... At night we went for the very first time to a typical Flamenca in the Almedina Bar.. and we were stoked by the music.... and just went again for a second time.... really really nice !!!!

Mittwoch, 11. Juni 2008

Gollito and Andre in Egypt Video... Insane....

You haven´t seen it yet... check this crazy action from Gollito estredo and Andre Paskowski in Soma Bay and Dahab.....

No gas and lorry drivers strike !!!!

Not only the wind went on strike again... also the lorry drivers in south europe are on strike and the first consequence is that it just became impossible to fill up our gas... so no more driving for now... most gasstations are closed already.... hopefully it doesn´t last too long... in a few days we have to leave and a two hours drive to the airport, which might be hard without fuel..... we´ll see and keep fingers crossed !!!

Montag, 9. Juni 2008

Aggressive Kitecrash and Video

After two more or less windy Levante days for the 4,2 and 3,7 with one supercrowded day at the Dune and a nicer day in Bolonia, the wind forced us back to the Dune today.. just enough for the 4,7 sail and my Freewave 86.... but still nice for some Freestyle, before a Kiter crashed into our friend Beat steffan and me at a time, right in the middle of the windsurfers area, which was followed by a pretty aggressive discussion at the Beach from the Kitesurfers side. Luckily Beat stayed calm and so avoided a that something happened there.....
Yoli had already finished her training Session, which will be online as video pretty soon.... but now online is laso her newest Video Clip from her wintertraining in El Yaque....

Sonntag, 8. Juni 2008

A lot of wind but low funfaktor....

Long long time we waited for the Levante to come. same as all spanish Wind and Kitesurfers around Tarifa, and so once the Levante started the spot at the Dune became FULL !!!! For me way to crowded and though we had a lot of wind, the Funfactor was close to zero.... just toooo many Kitebeginners in between all Windsurfers and also many Windsurfers out of control... so day two we went to our favourite spot Bolonia and had a nice morning Session, before the wind dropped and also Bolonia, where Kitesurfing is prohibited, became crowded with Kitesurfers... I´m also a Kitesurfer, but I don´t understand why they all have to sail right between all windsurfers, when they have like 20 kilometres of sandy Coastline for sailing ????

Freitag, 6. Juni 2008

surf session and the wind is back..

After long windless time in tarifa everybody is getting nervous... since the forecasts showed lots of Levante for the next days.. and it became true.... the wind already changed and surely picks up until saturday morning .. finally !!!! like always when the wind turns from poniente to levante, the levante forms some nice surf breaks at Balneario, the break in front of tarifa City.... so I also got my first surf session of this season..... and tomorrow back on the windsurfer.....

Sonntag, 1. Juni 2008

Winter is over...

so, now also in tarifa the winter is over and the sun is back.... hopefully the wind will follow soon !!! at least we could leave our winterjackets at home today !!!