Sonntag, 21. Februar 2010

Another exhausted Windsurfer

It´s always a good sign when you are tired from Windsurfing at night and surely it is a great feeling, which we lived many many times during this Season in El Yaque, in which it just keeps on blowing every single day. I derigged my Sails bigger than 5,0 already weeks ago, just no need to get them dusty in the racks. The choice I have to take now almost every day is 4,5 or 4,2 and the 5,0 on the so called non windy days.... only ultimately the choice became more, windsurf or rest ?? after weeks of daily windsurfing and training, my body just needs a rest and sometimes i even stand at the beach, watching the whitecaps but just don´t want to go on the water because i already feel every single muscle and bone of my body.... Which is great and surely i do prefer that than waiting for wind..... and soon i´ll be back on the water, maybe today ?? my body will tell me once i´m at the beach...

so long i work on the new online newspaper

Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2010

Fanatic Pro Camp El Yaque 2010

Fanatic Pro Camp 2010

El Yaque 03. – 08.02.2010

For the 8th time the organized a Windsurf Clinic a tone of worlds Freestyle and Slalom Top Spots, in El Yaque at the Island of Margarita in Venezuela. Not only Cooperation Partner Planet Allsports helped by providing their Windsurf Centers and brandnew Fanatic and North Sails equipment, also the Restaurants Atti, Oasis, Fuerza 6 and Da Rocco, who served some delicious dinners for the group, the students, who arrived from the United States, Germany, Switzerland and Poland and throughout the entire week showed an immense Motivation to improve their Windsurfskills and last but not least, the windgods, which made the wind blow every single day for the 4,7 and 4,2 sails, to make this Fanatic Pro Camp 2010 a great and successful Event. The Jibe group and the Freestyle group got 4 – 5 hours of sailing each day including the tuiton and the students took their chances to improve their Jibes and Stance and to learn and understand the Forward Loop, Airjibes and Flakas, good themes to talk about at the daily Happy Hour and the following Dinner. The Event finished the 08th of February at the Planet Allsports Center, where the Sun and Fun Sportsclub organized a happy hour followed by the Event Video Clip and the 4 Dimension Movie presentation.

Event Images here ...>>>

Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2010

The start

I can´t believe I got already 3 months in El Yaque again, time seems to fly, maybe with the extremely hard winds we are just living this winter... juts each day it´s windy. Perfect for our first Clinic of the year which starts today at the Planet Allsport Centers. Sun, wind, beach, nice students, happy hours and nice dinners, yes it will be a very good week for all of us...