Freitag, 30. Mai 2008

Tarifa 2008..... cold and rainy.... and windless...

wow, it is coooold in tarifa at the Moment.... we´ve just arrived 4 days ago, at a this time cold and rainy Tarifa... at least at our first day we had some sun and even some low termical winds... but just not enough for the big Freestyle Gear... and the Forecasts are not too promising neither !!!! Hopefully they will be wrong... totally wrong !!!! Bad thing at our Trip, while derigging our Sails, somebody stole our brandnew ION Harness which was lying just some metres in our back..... After all our Masts got stolen last year at Fuerteventura, spain doesn´t seem to be the safest Place for us and we have to lock in everything immediately.... sad but true..... to get rid of the bad humor afterwards we lost our aggression at a poor and harmless electricity hut at valdevaqueros... see Foto :-)

Sonntag, 18. Mai 2008

My Worldcup Video online... NOW !!!!

The last couplke days in Germany i used for the editing of the 2008 PKRA Kiteworldcup El Yaque Video Clip.... starring above all Aaron Hadlow, who won with a Firework of sick Moves, but also with Kevin Langeree, Bruna Kajiya, who won the women fleet, and Gisela Pulido.... but just check it out... and enjoy !!!!

back in grey, cold Germany....

Back in Germany, with a nice 25 degree welcome ... but it´s back to true Germany, grey, rainy, and .... cold !!!! But after some month under blue skies and warm weather... lot´s of super windy days and even more work... it´s nice to be home to recharge my batteries before we leave again to teh next windy and sunny Places ... like Tarifa in Spain and than the Canary Islands ..... those perspectives make my life in the cold easier of course..... before I leave I will provide you with some more Images and Videos..... promissed !!!

Dienstag, 13. Mai 2008

El Yaque´s next Windsurf Generation

So, now finally online the latest Clip of 16 year old Deivis Paternina in El Yaque.. he started windsurfing 16 months ago... !!!!! no Joke !!!!

Dienstag, 6. Mai 2008

little secret spot.....

after ages i got some short clips of myself, sailing at a small and secret spot at isla margarita.... i just uploaded a short video.... hopefully it´s not the last images i get for the next three years.....

Sonntag, 4. Mai 2008

Worldcup in El Yaque....

Yep, we got another Worldcup in El Yaque, though it was the PKRA Kite Worldcup again, with a Firework of Moves from Aaron Hadlow in the Final against Kevin Langeree, but also really impressive spanish Rider Alvaro Onieva who jumped himself up onto 3rd Place after a great Double elimination.... Brasilian Bruna could win against 14 year old Gisela Pulido who was the winner for most of the spectators... See the whole Galery here

Freitag, 2. Mai 2008

Windsurfen in Tarifa

From march 31 to June 06 we´ll start our next windsurf Clinic in and around Tarifa, in Cooperation with Fanatic, North Sails, Ion, Dwarf8 and dengs Funsport, but this time we will enjoy Tarifa a bit different. We will check daily for the best Beach of the day, since the Levante winds are not the same at each Spot every day, we will always go to the best Spot and so get the best Chance for being on the water with great Conditions, plus we will explore the entire variety of andalusian Beaches. Dengs Funsport will be our home for the whole time, and that´s where we start each day, analize our Videos of the day and have a great time. If you want to bring your own Equipment, no problem, big garages in the houses got enough Space for Storage and if you like to rent your Gear, just check with Dengs Funsport. Besides Windsurfing we will have a nice program as well, where you get the possibility to get to know more about Tarifa and Andalusia. Take part, explore the variety of andalusian Beaches with us, let us teach and lead you to your Move of your dreams and have a great time with us in the South of Spain. We will have limited Places to guarantee individual Training, so don´t hesitate !! You want to learn more about our Events, just check the Event Clip of 2007 :