Sonntag, 13. Januar 2008

Teaching : Business, Vacationjob or Passion...???

I am back for around one month now at the Island of Margarita, and after two years without teaching at Windsurfing Centers, only at my Clinics and working with people like Gollito Estredo and Yoli de Brendt, and seeing many people teaching other Windsurfers, I started asking myself what means Instructing windsurfing to me. For many it looks like it is only a Business, for some more students only a Vacation Job to pass their time at the Beach. For me it is still Passion, just loving to see new clients every day improving their Skills and getting more and more Motivation, just because you push them there.... I guess that´s what I really like at this Job, doesn´t matter if it is with high Level Freestylers or Beginners..... Thinking of different methods to teach for each person, makes it even more interesting..... I love to live my Passion and being on the water at the same time.... If you don´t do so... you should try :-)

Hope to see you on the water one day too.... hopefully with a big smile on your Face !!!!!


PeconicPuffin hat gesagt…

I'll bet you are a very good teacher, with your attitude! When a teach is enthusiastic for the student and their success, it's more fun and effective for everyone.

surfinganja1986 hat gesagt…

WoW, hast mich überzeugt Tom! Wenn ich nach El Yaque komme, nehm ich ne Stunde bei dir ;)

Viele Grüße an Yoli und den Rest!

Sofa Movielab Crew

Silversurfer hat gesagt…

Super Seite Tom!!! Endlich mal fische News aus El-Yaque. Freut mich mal wieder was uber dich und das Team zu lesen.
Keep up the good work:)
Viele Grusse aus Polen,
Szymon Nowak