Freitag, 2. Mai 2008

Windsurfen in Tarifa

From march 31 to June 06 we´ll start our next windsurf Clinic in and around Tarifa, in Cooperation with Fanatic, North Sails, Ion, Dwarf8 and dengs Funsport, but this time we will enjoy Tarifa a bit different. We will check daily for the best Beach of the day, since the Levante winds are not the same at each Spot every day, we will always go to the best Spot and so get the best Chance for being on the water with great Conditions, plus we will explore the entire variety of andalusian Beaches. Dengs Funsport will be our home for the whole time, and that´s where we start each day, analize our Videos of the day and have a great time. If you want to bring your own Equipment, no problem, big garages in the houses got enough Space for Storage and if you like to rent your Gear, just check with Dengs Funsport. Besides Windsurfing we will have a nice program as well, where you get the possibility to get to know more about Tarifa and Andalusia. Take part, explore the variety of andalusian Beaches with us, let us teach and lead you to your Move of your dreams and have a great time with us in the South of Spain. We will have limited Places to guarantee individual Training, so don´t hesitate !! You want to learn more about our Events, just check the Event Clip of 2007 :

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