Montag, 8. Dezember 2008

Under, in or on the water…

Under the water actually is nice, when you´re scuba diving and not under huge black clowds, dropping massive rainshowers onto you. In the water is something I usually like as well, sitting on my surfboard, waiting for the next nice set of waves and not in my house. On the water sailing is something I really like, of course, but walking on the water in the house, garden, streets all the time ?

Yes, right, the rain hasn´t stopped yet and last night huge thunderstorms were hammering onto the Island of Margarita, rivers couldn´t hold the massive quantity of water and started to destroy houses, streets, taking cars, trees and whatever was in their way with them at almost the entire Island. Really bad night. At around midday the whole story was over, sun came out and cleaning could start. With the sun a small breeze found his way to El Yaque, good enough to forget the past hours a bit.

Actually the weather is not so unnormal as it seems. Rainy seasons sometimes stopps mid decembre instead of November and over night the weather changes completely to provide the wind and kitesurfers with wind and sun. If not, just put your little private submarine into the trunk and go for some shopping…….

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