Sonntag, 22. März 2009

El Yaque Windsurf Contest

The first El Yaque Open Contest in 2009 just took place the 21st and 22nd of March 2009. Since many international Pro Sailors chose the Island of Margarita as Training Destination once again, a spontaneous Competition was initiated.

It was great to see many new Kids in various categories on the water, sailing and fighting hard around the course, enjoying their new sport, together with their Worldcup Idols from El Yaque. Both days started with the Kids Slalom, followed by the men Slalom with long distance Races.

After some serious fights in the past national Cup Competitions at the Venezuelan Mainland, also this time the battle for the Slalom crown became a duel between Gollito Estredo and the national Slalom Champion Alexis Carache. Only with the very first race and a pretty impressive tactic, Gollito Estredo managed to take victory, with Alexis Carache in second and Alexis Zabala in third.

The Freestyle Contest became a pretty high Level one. Not only because the presence of Gollito Estredo, Anthony Ruenes, Phil Soltysiak and Co. . Some of the british Instructors like Max Rowe and John Newby, german Instructor Marco Wedele and ex Worldcup Riders Alexis Zabala and Douglas Eduardo knew how to impress the crowds and the Judges. John Newby came up with his new Spock Donkey and Anthony Ruenes with no handed Funnels, but it should not be enough to beat Gollito Estredo. One more time he showed why he is the actual Freestyle Worldchampion. With insane radical Moves and even a Pushloop on Flatwater he was just unbeatable. On second place finished Anthony Ruenes and Marco Wedele in third.

For the first time this season also the women Freestyle was held. Some of the feminine Instructors, Local girls and Yoli de Brendt were waiting for their Competition for long time. In pretty gusty winds the girls really did their best. From Oldschool Moves up to New School Tricks. In the end it was Yoli de Brendt who saved her victory ahead of british Nancy Tyree and Michaela Malina from the Czech Republic.