Montag, 4. Mai 2009

Who dropped El Yaque in the paint bucket ?

Since I´ve arrived once again to the Caribbean Island of Margarita beginning of decembre, I walked around like in a black and white movie.. endless rainshowers, almost a 100% clowdcover most days and sad watercolours brought a pretty depressive feeling to the people at the Island of Margarita…. Until now… I´m wondering for almost three weeks now who might have dropped the Ilsand into the paint bucket.. suddenly all appears in beautiful and typical powerful colours.. just enjoyable… and for the first time this season I fell like back in the Caribbean and I remember why I came and stayed here…. With the colours and the drought also the termical winds have started their work and I got my first real windsurf days of the season, with my favourite gear for this Spot, the Fanatic Allwave 72 and my North ICE 4,2…. The last weeks just have been good enough to bring the motivation for the next cartibbean season back…. It must be a very good one.. after one of the worst seasons ever….

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