Freitag, 8. Januar 2010

A week in 2010

The first week in 2010 is over and actually, like always, nothing has really changed. Ok, we had the first two rainy days in the entire season, I got ill for two days, which didn´t happen in 2009, but the beach is still the same, the wind still blows, the christmas crowds are still at the beach, drinking tons of alcohol and trying to make the el yaque restaurants rich. Luckily for me the year has started with a lot of work and that surely is nothing bad.... and yesterday I had my first sail in 2010... Actually it was pretty good with my Freewave 95 and the ICE 4,7, only that my body still didn´t want like my brain did after two days in bed.... and what´s up in 2010, many new Destinations and Events, finally realising some image ideas for my Photography work and keep on pushing my new news website 1498 El Yaque News .
I still wish you also all the best for 2010 !!

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