Montag, 27. Juli 2009

Best Slalom ever and start of Freestyle

Pretty depressed I went home at midday yesterday, having broken my windsurf and Foto gear..... But since I just can´t leave the Windsurfing, immediately I started the Live Ticker of the PWA Worldtour Website to check if the wind might improve... It looked that the Salom course was changed and the wind indeed picked up. ok, I packed my stuff again and already on my way on the dirtroad down to Sotavento it was pretty hard to keep the car under control. The wind was hauling, sand flying over the road and far out to sea. When I arrived at the Beach I couldn´t believe the Slalom Action, with the start reach of the Race right in front of the Spectators with 40 knots plus, the guys were speeding over the flying water, massive crashes, great Jibes and unbelievable Speed, right in front of thousand pairs of eyes and speaker Roberto Hofmann responsable for the right atmosphere... It was one of the most exciting Slalom Races ever, that´s for sure. Today will be some more Races before the Freestyle will start tomorrow morning with the first Heats. Could be very interesting in those wind conditions. Unluckily there are already some injured Sailors before the Contest. Antxon Otaegui broke his foot, Anthony Ruenes ripped his ligaments, Phil Soltysiak with some stitches over his eye and some more twisted ankles and thumbs. Yes, it´s really hard for Freestyle at the moment..... I will report daily with actual images at

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