Dienstag, 24. Juni 2008

PWA Lanzarote second day

Freestyle at Costa Teguise, or maybe Waveriding, I didn´t really know if i came to the right Spot this morning, the morning of day number two at the 2008 Costa Teguise Freestyle Worldcup. Three to Four metre Waves were rolling in, only the Wind wasn´t constant enough for official Racing. After postponing the first Heat for one and a half hours, the Action could begin. The first guys using the massive ramps were british Sailor Andy Chambers with high Shakas and Antxon Otaegui with a nice double Loop. But the Jump Masters were still to come, after Tonky Frans went up the Ladder against Andre Paskowski, Normen Günzlein and than lost against Kiri, the Level rose equally to the excitement of all Sailors and Spectators. Kiri´s next Heat after beating Tonky was once again against Gollito Estredo. Kiri went for a Burner Heat, four of his 6 maximum Moves was that switch stance backwinded Goiter, while Estredo jumped a massive Pushloop, a super high Shaka, Switch Shaka, Puneta into one hand Burner, shove It Spock and than the..... tripple Spock !!! Sure Estredo adavanced into the next round against friend Ricardo Campello, who started his Heat agaisnt Estredo with a perfect Future and Double Loop. Estredo needed some time to recover but than stroke back with a Pushloop Table Top, Shaka, Switch Loop, Puneta Burner and the Shove It Double Spock and again Estredo advanced and had to face actual Worldchampion Marcilio Browne. Browne sailed a really smart Heat, with high Level Moves like Airflaka Cana Brava, Future and a planning one hand Burner, while Estredo struggled on his way out and couldn´t find the Ramps he was searching for. The Judges needed their time after this Heat, more than usual and the decision was really tight, for...... Browne.

Japanese Junko Nagoshi was on fire in the women double Elimination. First she eliminated Yoli de Brendt, who just couldn´t perform like she did yesterday, than Silvia Alba but than lost against Freestyle Expert Laure Treboux. The Swiss Treboux prooved her skills once again and with her Spocks, Grubbies, Flaka and Punetas she sent both Moreno sisters back to the Beach, before she came against Freestyle Wizzard Sara Quita from Aruba. After the decision in the men Final has been really close, the result after the women Final was more than clear. Treboux with her full repertoire plus Shove It Spock couldn´t do nothing against Quita´s Shaka, Flaka Diablo, Spocks, Grubby Diablo, Puneta Diablo, Switch Chachoo, Funnel. Maybe Quita should try it next year in the men Competition. I´m pretty sure she would kick some asses there.

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