Sonntag, 22. Juni 2008

My personal Event Preview

Back at Costa Teguise at Lanzarote Island for another PWA Worldcup, this time Freestyle only. After some days of Training and Setup at the Playa Las Cucharas one thing is for sure, only the best Freestylers will be here to battle it out, men and women. It will be a small Fleet for the women, only eight will be there to fight for the Title, and the Level got impressingly high. 28 men will start, and though the Level between all Competitors is really close and super high, there are a couple of Sailors impressing much more than the rest. Bonaire wizzards Tonky Frans and Kiri Thode same as Tour Leader Gollito Estredo, pure Power Freestyle and incredible Moves will assure a Hardcore Freestyle Competition. Also all girls showed already in their first Training Sessions that it will be really worth watching their Heats in the next days. Power Shove It spocks, Shakas, Double Moves, Switch Moves.... Seems like the Ladies trained hard this winter, though some had to work hard to make the Trips to the Competitions possible. Today also the rest of the Competitors should arrive at Costa Teguise and it might get crowded on the water, but perfect for the Spectators to get their first Impressions of what will happen in the next days....

Hopefully some Tourists will find their short way to the tribunes, which are located really close in front of their Hotels, It would be worth it and with teh actual weather forecast, the Show will be on a 100 percent.... Guys from more different Countries than ever before will be on Canarian waters to show their Skills. Riders arrived from Brasil, Venezuela, Bonaire, United States, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Spain, Japan and China

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