Mittwoch, 25. Juni 2008

PWA Lanzarote Day 3

After yesterday´s exciting Double Elimination, with big Waves and great Action... today we started the day freezing, with clowdy skies and almost no winds.... at around two the wind kicked in for the next Single Elimination... For me pretty interesting how Yoli would do today and if Gollito could get the first Place from Brawzinho... thanx to his skills and help from Andre Paskowski, who won against Brawzinho, he did... Only Yoli lost with her Shaka, Eslider, Spock and more Switch Moves against Laure Treboux Spock attack.... and than it was time to get her back on her legs, when she doesn´t even win doing her better moves... maybe next time... competition life is hard and Laure advanced to second Place, which made us feel happy for her !!!

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