Mittwoch, 16. Dezember 2009

All about stats ??

No, I´m no nerd, sitting hours and hours in front of my desktop, checking statistics and dates, but this year it is just fun to follow my windstatistics in El Yaque. It´s 41 days now that I´m already back in the Caribbean, only two days I haven´t sailed, half of the 39 windy days I was sailing my 5,0 Ice and even sometimes my new Newwave 76. That´s fun, I still can´t believe how taht season started, unluckily it is still very very quiet in the Village. With less flights between europe and the Island of Margarita it seems to be hard to get here... On the water of course is just fun sharing teh entire bay with maybe 8 - 9 other Windsurfers... To keep myself off the water and give my body a little rest, I just created the new El Yaque online platform 1498 el yaque news.... which should provide you all with all Info you can imagine about El Yaque, the Island of Margarita and the Wind and Kitesurf world....

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