Samstag, 14. November 2009

Day Five at Margarita….

It´s already four full days that I am back at the Island of Margarita, in El Yaque. Actually it is really nice to see how much people worked here through the summer to make the small Fishervillage look better and better. New Bars, reconstructed Hotels, more Beach and Palm Trees. And on Top, it´s been windy for a long long time now, and so also in my first days. Four days in El Yaque this year also meant four days of Windsurfing with my new North Duke 5,4 and ICE 5,0 Sails and the Fanatic Freewave 95 fully powered up. Still there are no people around so we can enjoy the huge Playground for Freestyle, Slalom and Jumps. We´ll see when the season really gets started and more Windsurfers arrive at the most southern Caribbean Island.

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