Dienstag, 24. November 2009

now i know why........

What has it been a couple of years ago that brought me to this small Fishervillage at the Island of Margarita in the southern Caribbean Sea ? the past two years I was wondering more and more and almost really forgot the reason. Now, sitting at a Beach Terass at my second home, watching the whitecaps on the water, the Palmtrees bending and the Windsurfers flying over the water i do remember. The first two three years when I arrived to this Windsurfers Community it´s been windy almost every single day, sometimes we had to skip a couple of windsurf days because the body just couldn´t do it anymore.... and now, it all looks the same. Windy already in the early morning and all day long, so yesterday was already my first day that I decided to stay at the Beach and only watch windsurfing.... to be able practising some new Moves today.... it´s good to be back !!!

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Mr_Wolly hat gesagt…

awesum ride man..

fuh yeah..full on